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Teachers & Staff

Welcome to the heart of Buffalo Christian Academy – our esteemed team of teachers. These individuals are not just educators; they are stewards charged with the holistic care and education of each child entrusted to our school. Committed to nurturing young minds in the light of Christian principles, our teachers play a vital role in helping students put on their Armor of God each and every day.

Holistic Teaching and Care: At Buffalo Christian Academy, our teachers go beyond the traditional role of instruction. They are devoted stewards, embracing the responsibility to holistically teach and care for every child. With a deep commitment to the values embedded in a Christ-centered education, our teachers create an environment where faith, knowledge, and character development flourish.

Putting on the Armor of God: Inspired by the biblical directive to "take up the armor of God," our teachers guide students in this daily journey. Through nurturing relationships, dedicated mentorship, and purposeful instruction, they empower students to navigate the challenges of life with the strength and wisdom derived from a faith-filled foundation.

A Team Committed to Excellence: Our teaching team is a dynamic group of individuals, each bringing unique talents, expertise, and a passion for education to the forefront. Through collaboration and a shared commitment to our mission, they create a learning environment where students are not only academically enriched but also spiritually and morally grounded.

 Supporting Staff 

Buffalo Christian Academy's supporting staff is a dedicated group including aides, marketing/fundraising, office/bookkeeper professionals, and a Specials coordinator who plans various activities teaching life skills, art, music, and Chapel.


Our dedicated volunteers are a vital part of our community, contributing in various ways such as driving the school van, coordinating mountain excursions, teaching activities like archery and cooking, offering personal finance and computer courses, and serving on the Security Team to ensure safety, just to name a few. Together, their diverse efforts play a crucial role in establishing a well-rounded and secure learning environment at BCA.

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