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Biblical Worldview

All of life and learning is studied with a biblical worldview. We believe and teach that God is imprinted on every leaf, present in every subject, and explored in every class. Buffalo Christian Academy intentionally aims to acknowledge God as creator and that He is involved in every aspect of learning and living. 

Applying God's Word

Applying God's Work in all issues of conduct is our aim. While Scripture is taught in all classes, we also teach students how God's Word applies to every issue in their lives. Our standards for behavior are derived from Scripture and we view it as relevant to all of life. Students, parents, and staff alike are expected to handle conflict in accordance with Scripture.



There will be a student chapel service at least once a month. All students are expected to attend chapel services. Parents are always welcome.




Boys & Girls Club P.E.
Personal Defense

Kindergarten: A Foundation for Early Learning

In our Kindergarten program, we prioritize building a strong foundation for early learners at Buffalo Christian Academy. Our curriculum focuses on essential skills like reading, math, and social development. Our dedicated teacher creates a positive and engaging environment where curiosity is encouraged, and foundational knowledge is fostered. We aim to make learning a joyful experience, laying the groundwork for future academic success while promoting values that align with a Christian worldview.

1st Grade: Building on Foundations

In our 1st-grade curriculum at Buffalo Christian Academy, we continue to build on the foundations established in Kindergarten. Our program emphasizes academic growth, with a focus on developing strong reading, writing, and math skills. Rooted in Christian values, our lessons integrate biblical principles into daily learning, fostering character development and a sense of community. Our dedicated teacher creates a supportive and engaging atmosphere, encouraging curiosity and a love for discovery. At this crucial stage, we aim to cultivate a well-rounded educational experience that not only nurtures academic abilities but also reinforces the Christian values that define our school community.


2nd-4th Grades: Advancing Knowledge and Character

In the 2nd through 4th grades at Buffalo Christian Academy, our curriculum focuses on advancing both academic knowledge and character development. Building on foundational skills, students delve deeper into subjects such as language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Our Christian values remain at the core of education, woven into lessons to instill virtues and a strong moral compass. Teachers guide students through a diverse range of activities, encouraging critical thinking and creativity. With a holistic approach, our goal is to nurture well-rounded individuals who excel academically while embracing the principles of a Christ-centered education.

5th-8th Grades: Preparing for Academic
Spiritual Growth

In the 5th through 8th grades at Buffalo Christian Academy, our curriculum is designed to prepare students for both academic excellence and spiritual growth. Building on a strong foundation, students engage in a more in-depth exploration of subjects such as language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Our Christian values are interwoven into the fabric of each lesson, fostering character development and a deepening understanding of faith. The curriculum is structured to encourage critical thinking, collaboration, and independent inquiry. As students progress through these pivotal years, we strive to equip them with the knowledge, skills, and strong moral foundation needed for success in high school and beyond.


High School:

Shaping Futures with Service and Excellence

In our high school program at Buffalo Christian Academy, we provide a rigorous and supportive academic environment that prepares students for a successful future. Our curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, and a strong foundation in core subjects. Beyond academics, we prioritize character development, fostering values rooted in our Christian principles. With dedicated teachers, a vibrant extracurricular landscape, and a commitment to individual growth, our high school program is designed to empower students to excel academically, develop a strong moral compass, and confidently navigate the path toward higher education and beyond. Join us at Buffalo Christian Academy High School, where excellence meets character on the journey to a bright future.


Arts & Crafts

Nurturing Creativity and Expression

At Buffalo Christian Academy, we recognize the profound impact of the arts on a student's holistic development. Our Arts classes are designed to unleash creativity and foster self-expression. Whether it's visual arts, music, or performing arts, our dedicated instructors provide a supportive environment for students to explore their talents and passions. Through hands-on experiences and collaborative projects, students not only refine their artistic skills but also gain a deeper appreciation for the beauty and diversity of creative expression.


Cooking, Baking, Canning: 

A Feast of Learning and Community

At Buffalo Christian Academy, our Cooking and Canning classes are a delightful blend of culinary education, cultural exploration, and community engagement. Through the generosity of volunteers, students embark on a flavorful journey, learning about diverse cultural foods, mastering basic cooking and baking skills, and discovering the art of preserving garden produce through canning and other methods. These hands-on classes not only equip students with practical kitchen skills but also foster an appreciation for the richness of global cuisines. Beyond the kitchen, these classes become a platform for community connection, as volunteers share their expertise and students savor the joy of creating and sharing meals together.

Athletics & Skills

Playing, Learning, Thriving

Buffalo Christian Academy provides students with a diverse array of games and activities that promote both physical fitness and life skills. Through the support of dedicated volunteers, students engage in exciting pursuits like pickleball, fishing, archery, and martial arts. These activities not only foster teamwork and healthy competition but also instill valuable lessons in discipline, focus, and resilience. Our approach to Athletics and Skills emphasizes holistic development, encouraging students to explore their interests, build confidence, and discover the joy of an active lifestyle.


Skills Classes

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

At Buffalo Christian Academy, our Skills classes extend beyond traditional academics, equipping students with practical knowledge that prepares them for success in various aspects of life. From Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship to Computer Programming and Building, our Skills Specials focus on cultivating essential life skills. These Skills classes are not just about acquiring knowledge; they're about empowering students to navigate the complexities of the modern world with confidence, resilience, and a foundation for lifelong success.


Cultivating Hearts of Compassion

At Buffalo Christian Academy, service is at the heart of our education. Our students actively participate in service projects, including helping local gardens, raking leaves, reading to seniors, serving at shelters, and distributing wood to those in need. These projects go beyond academics, instilling compassion and responsibility. We believe that one of the greatest advantages of a private school is our ability to integrate such meaningful experiences, shaping our students into caring individuals with a strong sense of community.

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