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Applying is simple with our Online Application, which streamlines the submission process. Upon receipt of your submission, you'll begin the Application Process outlined below. Please note, a $400 non-refundable fee is required only upon acceptance by the Application Committee and after notification of acceptance. This fee is necessary to secure enrollment and reserve your child's spot.  

Open enrollment for new students begins on May 1 and runs until July 15.

Application Process

Enrolling in a private Christian school like ours means embracing both academic excellence and spiritual growth. If you're new to the admissions process, it can seem overwhelming. Here are four tips to help you through it, followed by the four steps to enrollment:

  1. Early Enrollment: Space is limited, and some grades may have waiting lists. Current students get priority for the upcoming year, so secure reenrollment by April 30th to ensure your spot. Families seeking financial assistance through our TADs program must also apply by this date. Book fees for current students must be received by June 15. 

  2. Fit Matters: We prioritize families who value Christian education, regardless of their spiritual background or financial situation. Students should also meet grade-level standards and demonstrate positive behavior in the classroom.

  3. Assessment Process: Expect placement tests and possibly an interview as part of the admission process. These help ensure the best fit for both the student and the school community.

  4. Open Admission: After current students secure their spots, we open admissions to new families who share our commitment to Christian education. Open enrollment for new students begins on May 1 and runs until July 15.


Below are the steps to enroll your child(ren).

We're here to support you through every step of the admissions journey.



Please select the most convenient option for you: complete our online application, fill it out and mail it, drop it off at the school, or simply email it to us.

Once your application is received, our Application Team will begin processing it.


Mandy Metcalf will then schedule a testing session for your student to assess their placement needs.



Testing for placement is crucial to ensure your student's success at BCA.


Enrollment requirements are flexible, primarily focusing on the family's desire for Christian education. Your student or family may meet with a teacher and/or the Application Committee to assess compatibility with BCA. This interview serves as a crucial step in the admissions process, offering a final chance to determine if BCA aligns with your family's values and goals.

Acceptance at BCA may be based on various factors, including spiritual/social references, interviews, test scores, transcripts or report card grades, conduct/discipline, and attendance records, without discrimination based on religion, economic status, sex, race, age, or national origin.


Notification of acceptance will be promptly provided to families.


Upon acceptance, a $400 non-refundable fee is required to secure enrollment and reserve your child's spot. This fee must be received before July 1st to finalize enrollment.

A waitlist will be maintained for grade levels that become full.




  • White Oxford Button Down Shirt

  • Navy Blue Collared Polo

  • Khaki Pants

  • Navy Blue Sweater Vest with BCA Logo

  • Black Dress Shoes for full dress occasions

  • Grey, Black, or Navy Tennis Shoes for everyday

  • Dark/White Solid Socks


  • Peter Pan Collar Shirt

  • Navy Blue Collared Polo

  • Khaki pants/skirt, Plaid skirt

  • Navy Blue Sweater Vest with BCA Logo

  • Black Dress Shoes for full dress occasions

  • Grey, Black, or Navy Tennis Shoes for everyday

  • White Socks/tights

  • Small Jewelry (Silver or Gold only)

  • Earrings: Studs Only

Gym/Event Clothing: Proper clothing for physical education courses, sporting or athletic events will be designated based on event and will be set by the teacher or staff organizing the event. However, clothing should be appropriate, not provocative or tight fitting, sloppy or unkempt. Please see handbook for more.

Forms RETURNING Students
Must Submit

Forms NEW Students
Must Submit

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